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"Customize the Windows Vista installation."
dovnload.co.uk Editor: Some parts in the Windows family built from scratch a new operating system. Note to users is relatively new Windows Aero interface.

Windows XP, Vista-style system, such as restrictions are used. All styles must be signed by Microsoft.
Provides a friendly solution to this problem VistaGlazz.
When maximizing transparency

If your video hardware DX9 and certified Windows Aero is activated you'll notice the new transparency expect. Normally, Windows Vista only takes up a window maximize transparency. Windows covered with even VistaGlazz ensures transparency.

Custom visual styles
New Windows Desktop Manager (WDM) Windows Vista only visual styles signed by Microsoft provides. Patched by a comparable UxTheme patched Windows XP with protection. VistaGlazz to Windows Vista, for permission to use their own visual style delivers the same patch. Now you can download free VistaGlazz 1.2.

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